Coronet is the only platform designed to secure any SaaS usage, on any device, running any OS, connecting through any network.

While IT has high levels of governance and security protecting internal services, on external services, IT has neither. IT must think about securing SaaS tools differently.

The Coronet
solution consists
of three


Coronet Client

A lightweight software agent that runs on any device (Laptop, smartphone, tablet) that ensures the device used, and the network it connects to meet your security parameters


SaaS Connectors

Coronet is pre-integrated with dozens of SaaS tools, with dozens added on a monthly basis



Where you can tweak pre-set policies, define policies from scratch, and manage any breaches

Coronet Solution is:

Easy to
on any

The Coronet
Solution gives

Ability to define SaaS security policy

Coronet comes pre-configured with recommended SaaS security policies which could be used as a starting point for policy refinement, or, you can define policies from scratch, giving you control over which SaaS tool can be used by whom, from where, on which device, at what risk tolerance.

Identify malicious activity in user’s proximity

Coronet’s advanced intelligence engine gives you visibility to malicious activity around your users, or your premises.  For example, without installing dedicated hardware, you can now know if a malicious network exists in or around your office

Happy users

Because of how the system was built, users continue to work with the services they love, on their devices, without any interruption or user experience degradation. They only experience Coronet when the risk threshold you have set has been crossed. For example: Trying to connect to a malicious network, using a service on a rooted device, etc.

Cloud based platform. Easy to deploy. No hardware.

Enterprise Protection
  • Coronet’s SaaS platform can be up and running in minutes, requires no hardware, no reverse proxies, and no changes to existing security infrastructure.
  • Coronet is integrated with numerous cloud services, with many services added monthly. Instead of IT having to integrate and manage hundreds of service interfaces, we did the heavy lifting, freeing the enterprise to enable users’ productivity.

Providing protection for all major platforms.





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To activate, use your personal email address when prompted by the app.

To activate, use your corporate email address or activation code when prompted by the app.