When devices connect to WiFi or Cellular networks, their voice and data transmissions can be intercepted, and manipulated. Airport networks, Hotels, retail chains have all been attacked. Current defenses can’t detect such an attack – because the base assumption is that networks can be trusted. They shouldn’t be.

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CoroNet’s revolutionary Enterprise Radio Security Platform detects and evades eavesdropping, interception, and manipulation on Wifi and Cellular networks making devices invisible to attackers. By installing a software agent on any device (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android) it is shielded from radio level attacks.

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Providing end point protection to your customers isn’t complete if you are not offering defenses against Radio attacks. We work with MSSPs to integrate our pure software offering and comprehensive back office with their existing security suite, providing a unique complementary solution to the current security platform.

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Whether you produce laptop, tablet, smartphone, or IoT, we can help you secure the radio layer against eavesdropping, interception, manipulation and sabotage. Our platform can be integrated smoothly, and seamlessly either as an application, or as a fully embedded SDK.

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CoroNet detects, and evades eavesdropping, interception, and manipulation on Wifi and Cellular networks, making devices invisible to attackers. By installing a lightweight software agent on a Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS device, it becomes resilient to attackers intercepting voice and data transmissions. CoroNet’s suite of enterprise management tools enables the CSOs organization to detect threats, attacks, and compromised devices in real time.
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