If the devices you manufacture use
WiFi or Cellular networks for
connectivity, you can differentiate
yourself in the eyes of your customers
by providing them a secure
connection, anywhere they go.

The value to your clients

Private Customers

Private Customers are increasingly concerned about identity and data theft. They
understand that wireless networks might not be secure, but don’t know how to protect
themselves against that threat.

You could offer a secure device that ensures that your customer’s WiFi or Cellular network
connection is safe. Best of all: You can offer that protection for free, forever. Think about it:
No pop ups, no upsells, no time bombs. Free, valuable protection that shows your
customers you are in the business of ensuring their safety.

It’s a win for everyone. Your customer gets free protection for the life of the device. You get
to add value and differentiation, and create a loyal customer. Coronet gets more devices
out there which s improves the intelligence we sell to your Enterprise customers


Enterprise Customers

Not knowing to which networks users connect, or how risky those networks are, poses a
real threat to your customers. In essence, an authorized device accessing corporate
resources through a risky network equates to unauthorized access to these assets. Your
clients know of this risk, and are now dealing with it by issuing a policy memo that forbids
users from connecting to unknown, or open WiFi networks.

Even the strictest organizations know that that policy is not being complied with, and they
have no way to enforce it. In the balance between adhering to the policy and convenience,
the latter always wins.

What if you could offer your clients the ability to easily gain visibility to which networks their
users connect, get intelligence about risks around their users and offices, establish a
coherent wireless connectivity policy, and automatically enforce that policy on any device?

Your clients will immediately benefit from intelligence collected from millions of devices,
providing them immediate value. Within days, all of the laptops, tablets, and smartphones
using Coronet will be controlled by the defined context based wireless connectivity policy,
removing the risks associated with malicious networks altogether.

The Value to you


INNOVATION: As the manufacturer providing your customers with valuable devices, they
expect you to innovate and bring them integrated, robust solutions. As the only service that
provides a solution to the wireless connectivity quandary, introducing Coronet to your
clients will position you as forward thinking, and innovative.

Recurring Revenue

Coronet’s service is sold as an annual fee per managed device. This provides you with an
opportunity to increase recurring revenue, in a predictable, sustainable fashion. With our
intelligence tools, you can proactively approach clients using real time data to shorten your
sales cycles, and increase your revenue potential. Imagine being able to attend a meeting
with a bank’s CiSO, showing her a real time map of threats in and around the bank
branches. The impact is immediate and actionable.

What you get:

Cloud based management platform

Coronet provides you with a cloud based
platform to deploy, define, manage and
enforce wireless connectivity policy for
your customers.

Dedicated technical support

Our pre-sale and technical support teams
are always ready to help you close a deal,
and answer any technical questions
during, or after the client is on-board.

On-line training platform

Our on-line training platform will bring you
up to speed on the value proposition,
sales methods, implementation, and
configuration of the platform making your
team effective in no time.

Marketing material package

Our marketing material package which
includes white papers, PowerPoint
presentations, product data sheets, and
brochures, can be co-branded, and will
speed up your go-to-market strategy.

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