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Thought you were safe with VPN? Think again!

If you’ve been kicking back and basking in your wireless network security zone because you have the most robust VPN in place, this is your wakeup call. It has become increasingly clear that VPNs are not as safe or efficient as everyone thought they once were. It is easier than ever for hackers to hijack (…)

Dror Liwer, January 11, 2017

The Art of Hacking: Why Absolutely Anyone Can Be a Hacker

What do hackers and street artists have in common? If you asked that question to the average person, you probably wouldn’t get much of an answer. But it turns out, both the hacker and the artist are equally capable of exploiting gaps in wireless security.   This isn’t hyperbole. In fact, an artist by the (…)

Dror Liwer, August 25, 2016
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