Cloud security made simple

Autonomous, all-in-one platform that protects corporate cloud usage from unauthorized access, data loss, malware spread, and access by insecure devices.

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The Challenge

True cloud security must ensure users are authenticated, that the device used is not compromised, that the network used is safe, and yes, that the user behavior (Access, downloads, uploads, collaboration, reporting) is allowed.

To ensure true cloud security, organizations must purchase, integrate, and operate multiple platforms - which is very expensive, very complicated, labor intensive, and extremely time consuming.

Our solution breaks that mold.

What does SecureCloud do?

  • Ensure Control over who has access to the cloud platforms, and where from
  • Ensure GDPR, HIPPA, SOX, compliance, and detect PII, PHI, and EDR automatically
  • Block compromised devices from accessing corporate data in the cloud resources
  • Control what users can do, and who they can collaborate with
  • Prevent malware spread through cloud usage (such as file sharing)
  • Provide visibility into activity in the cloud, the devices used, and the data that was shared
  • Detect and mitigate advanced cloud-to-cloud attacks

How do we do it?

SecureCloud is the first fully autonomous platform that takes all the heavy lifting out of cloud security


Detects and mitigates threats without IT-Sec involvement

Cloud Based

No hardware, nothing to install on premises, up and running in minutes


No need to buy, integrate and manage multiple platforms, dramatically reducing TCO

Cross Dimension response

Detect a risk in one area (e.g. Malicious network) and mitigate in another (e.g. block access to Office365)


We pre-integrated the platform with most popular cloud and SaaS platforms, IT tools, and run natively on all commercial OSs

Keep it Simple!

  • Simple to set up

    Be up and running (and protected) in minutes. Our pre-integration means complete out of the box functionality. Use our cloud platform to define your policies, and you’re in business.

  • Simple to operate

    The autonomous engine identifies risks across the user-device-network-cloud chain, and mitigates them automatically, which means no thousands of incidents to go through, and respond to. It’s the ultimate “set-it-and-forget-it” platform.

  • Simple to buy

    We even made buying into SecureCloud easy - it’s one monthly fee per user - regardless of how many devices, cloud services, servers, locations, and networks are being used.

Simple Pays Off

Our customers are saving an average of 80% on their TCO by using Coronet to secure the cloud

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