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Coronet is a cloud-based platform that enables every business to secure its cloud operations in minutes

Without operators’ involvement, the system continuously identifies risks:

  • in users’ behavior
  • in the devices they use
  • in the networks they connect to
  • in their activities in cloud applications

Based on those risks, SecureCloud platform automatically controls:

  • the applications the users can use
  • the activities the users can perform
  • the resources they can access
  • the data they can collaborate on

The Challenge

Cloud, mobility, and wireless disrupt IT security

Securing cloud applications usage requires a continuum ensuring that only trusted users, devices, networks, and cloud applications can access your corporate data.

The common approach to cloud security is to integrate multiple security systems such as MTD, containers, proxies, gateways and CASB. This architecture requires substantial time, budget, and effort investment, as well as trained, dedicated teams to operate it.

We took a different path.

The Solution

Coronet SecureCloud

We believe that securing your cloud should be fast to implement, require minimal investment, and demand no operations. With SecureCloud, we provide customers of any size exactly that.

How does it work?

  • A single, cloud-based security system
  • Continuous visibility and control across the entire cloud security chain
  • Automatic policy enforcement & governance

Seamless IT Experience

  • Pre-integration with widely used SaaS, cloud platforms, and IT tools
  • Built-in API for adding custom (cloud and onpremises) applications
  • Full support for BYO models of work

Data In-Transit Protection

  • Endpoints
  • Interception & social engineering
  • Corporate network protection

Data At-Rest Protection

  • Data leaks
  • Insider and outsider threats
  • Access and collaboration control

And Also

No need to purchase and integrate multiple systems

such as MTDs, containers, proxies, and CASBs.

No need for manual monitoring and response

to yet another set of security alerts.

No data access restrictions on the users

but only when user behavior, device, network or application cannot be trusted.

No constraints on the end-user experience

through a transparent support of the bring your own (BYO) model.

Seamless IT experience

Offered as a cloud service, Coronet SecureCloud requires no hardware or on-site installations and takes minutes to set up. It is pre-integrated with connectors to widely used SaaS, cloud platforms, and IT tools. Both cloud and on-premises customer services can be easily plugged in using a built-in API.

SecureCloud provides ready-to-use integrations with existing security and management tools, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and Microsoft Active Directory.


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