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Now you need Security.

Coronet protects your cloud apps from unauthorized access, data theft, and malware/ransomware spread for FREE. Forever.

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Access Control + Cloud Control. Two security layers protecting your data in the cloud.


Access Control

Now that your users can work from anywhere, using any device, the Coronet application ensures only authorized users using safe devices connected through safe networks have access to your cloud applications and data


Cloud Control

Once access is granted, Coronet gives you control over who shares what with whom, prevents data leakage, malware and ransomware spread, suspicious activities, and regulatory violations (PCI-DDS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)



Security as a Service, trusted by millions of users

With Coronet, you do not need to install anything on site. Fully hosted at our enterprise-grade servers worldwide, we provide full redundancy and high availability, so you do not need to worry about security.

Award winning security service

A single platform - easy visibility and control

Powerful AI = Automated mitigation

SecureCloud’s powerful AI engine is fed by data produced from millions of scans performed on devices, networks and cloud applications daily, enabling it to automatically detect AND MITIGATE threats so your team can focus on other tasks.

Threat detected

  • Device compromised
  • Unauthorized file sharing
  • User connected via malicious network
  • Malware uploaded to Dropbox
  • Suspicious admin activity
  • File containing PCI DDS uploaded

Automatic Mitigation

  • Block access to cloud services
  • Remove external users
  • Block access and inform user
  • Quarantine file, and block user
  • Suspend user
  • Quarantine file and inform user

Trusted by companies and brands worldwide

What’s included in SecureCloud?

Access Control
  • User authentication (SSO)
  • Device authentication
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Device threats detection
  • Network threats detection
Cloud control
  • Office 365, GSuite, DropBox, Box, Salesforce, etc.
  • Cloud threats detection
  • Malware/Ransomware spread detection
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Collaboration Control

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