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Coronet secures any SaaS tool your employees use, on any device, connecting through any network

Employees use hundreds of SaaS tools. Some should be integrated into the secure infrastructure. The vast majority can be secured with Coronet without any integration, no user experience degradation and at a fraction of the integration costs.

Coronet provides a single platform that secures the entire SaaS chain. From the device, through the network, all the way to the SaaS tool itself.


  • Identify OS compromise
  • Internal Security Operational Verification
  • Identify OS/Browser version vulnerability
  • Proactive prevention


  • Identify compromised network
  • Identify malicious activity in user’s proximity
  • Identify attacker in legitimate network
  • Guide user to safe network


  • Service health check
  • Risk-based access policy enforcement
  • Remote account wipe

Your users bypass IT in the quest to be more productive

While the initial instinct of any experienced security professional is to restrict users, limiting risky behavior, in today’s BYO world, where users use an app they downloaded onto their own device, connecting through a public network to a SaaS tool, restricting no longer works

Discovery and governance should be limited to core, strategic systems. All other SaaS tools should be secured, enabling users productivity.

Why Coronet

Freedom to connect from any network, to any service, on any device

Introduce and secure new services in minutes, not months


No wrappers, complex integration or containers


Fraction of the fortress cost


Great, native user experience


The Coronet solution consists of three components:


Coronet Client

A lightweight software agent that runs on any device (Laptop, smartphone, tablet) that ensures the device used, and the network it connects to meet your security parameters


SaaS Connectors

Coronet is pre-integrated with dozens of SaaS tools, with dozens added on a monthly basis



Where you can tweak pre-set policies, define policies from scratch, and manage any breaches

Cloud based platform. Easy to deploy. No hardware.

Enterprise Protection
  • Coronet’s SaaS platform can be up and running in minutes, requires no hardware, no reverse proxies, and no changes to existing security infrastructure.
  • Coronet is integrated with numerous cloud services, with many services added monthly. Instead of IT having to integrate and manage hundreds of service interfaces, we did the heavy lifting, freeing the enterprise to enable users’ productivity.

Providing protection for all major platforms.





See what the experts are saying

See what the Industry is saying

Coronet is Top Product
Enterprises Should
Know About
August 2016
CoroNet selected as “Top 15 Innovators” in the
Cisco/Pioneers challenge
June 2016
Security winner in The Tech Trailblazers Awards
September 2016

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In our latest white paper, our CTO discusses an attack vector that introduces risks even into WPA protected networks.

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To activate, use your personal email address when prompted by the app.

To activate, use your corporate email address or activation code when prompted by the app.

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