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Cybersecurity in the City

Cybersecurity in the City: Ranking America’s Most Insecure Metros is a first-time report issued by Coronet, a provider of enterprise-grade cloud security to companies of any size.

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Securing Office 365 with SecureCloud

Coronet SecureCloud for Office 365 provides the missing security layer and enhances Office 365 infrastructure by helping you understand and control risky activities across the Office 365 suite of services, protect sensitive data, and stop cloud threats.

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SecureCloud Platform

Coronet SecureCloud is autonomous, all-in-one platform that protects corporate cloud applications from unauthorized access, prevents data leakage, and mitigates cloud more military drills between the United States and South Korea, a change that surprised South Korea and the Pentagon.

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SecureCloud: looking at all sides of the cloud security narrative

We are all witnesses to the changes that the IT landscape is undergoing. Critical infrastructures, applications, and data are moving to the cloud, leveraging either public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.

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New Security Model

Is the current security model for the enterprise workspace sufficient?

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The Challenge of Cloud Security (Why CASB is not enough)

CASBs protect cloud data usage only when in fact, there are three other links in the security chain that could jeopardize the entire cloud security operation. The identity of the user and devices accessing the platform, the security posture of the device being used, and the security posture of network through which the connection is made. Securing an organization’s cloud operations, with services such as Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, Box, G-Suits and others, can only be done by treating all parts of the security chain equally.

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Managing GDPR Compliance with SecureCloud

How can Coronet help manage the GDPR risks

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